Spectating The Parker 400 Off-Road Race


Welcome to The Parker 400 Off-Road Race!

Parking and Camping stickers are no longer being sold online. You can purchase a sticker at the entrance to the CRIT Start/Finish Line, Shea Road or Bouse.

The Parker 400 is a celebrated titan in off-road racing known for its demanding Arizona landscape and storied tradition. Hosting over 40,000 fans and more than 300 competing teams from around the globe each January, it's a highlight of the off-road racing calendar. This historic event, which is part of the UNLTD Off-Road Racing schedule, begins with a captivating vehicle showcase in downtown Parker, setting the stage for two days of high-octane racing over a challenging 400-mile course.

Where can you watch The Parker 400 Off-Road Race?

There are three locations to watch the Parker 400 off-road racing action:

  1. CRIT Start/Finish Line Gauntlet (Qualifying, Limited Race and Unlimited Race)
  2. Shea Road Spectator Area (Qualifying, Limited Race and Unlimited Race)
  3. Bouse Spectator Area (Limited Race and Unlimited Race)

No per person tickets are needed to watch the races, but all three areas require a sticker for your vehicle.

These parking and camping stickers will get your vehicle into all three spectator areas and are good for all three days of racing:

What type of sticker do you need to buy?

Just coming out to park and watch the race during the day?

Parking stickers are no longer being sold online. You can purchase a sticker at the entrance to the CRIT Start/Finish Line, Shea Road or Bouse.

Are you camping overnight?

If you are towing a vehicle or have a 5th wheel with a detachable vehicle, you will be provided a parking pass with your camping reservation.

Camping stickers are no longer being sold online. You can purchase a sticker at the entrance to the CRIT Start/Finish Line, Shea Road or Bouse.

Electronic Confirmation: All reservations are confirmed via email immediately upon purchase. Your email will feature unique QR code for each ticket purchased and you will present these tickets at the main entrance to the spectator areas. They can be printed out and brought to the event or scanned from your cell phone/tablet at the main entrance.

If you are camping on CRIT Land:  Choice of Law and Non-Waiver of Sovereign Immunity. The laws of the Colorado River Indian Tribes shall govern this Camping Permit and any disputes arising between the parties relating to this Camping Permit.  Camper (the undersigned) is hereby entering a consensual relationship with the Colorado River Indian Tribes and submits to the jurisdiction of the Tribal Court of the Colorado River Indian Tribes in Parker, Arizona, as the sole forum to resolve any disputes brought in connection with this Camping Permit.  Nothing in this Camping Permit shall be construed to effect or be deemed a waiver of sovereign immunity by the Colorado River Indian Tribes. 

Important: If you will be driving an OHV vehicle onto CRIT land, OR operating an OHV vehicle while on CRIT land, it must be registered with the Colorado River Indian Tribe and have a “CRIT OHV Sticker” attached to the vehicle. CRIT OHV stickers can be purchased directly with CRIT Fish and Game located at 2100 Mutahar St, Parker, AZ 85344. Please park in queue on Mutahar Street and walk in to Fish & Game to purchase your “CRIT OHV Sticker”. Note that this is an annual OHV pass which is good for the entire 2024 season.

What days can you watch the Parker 400 off-road racing action?

Thursday, January 11th - Qualifying

Friday, January 12th - Limited Race

Saturday, January 13th - Unlimited Race

Please always reference the Schedule of Events on this page for the most up to date race times

2024 Spectator Frequently Asked Questions:

The Parker 400 Race is a major economic boost for Parker and the surrounding areas, injecting much needed economic vitality into the community. Hotels, restaurants, and local stores enjoy a significant surge in business, thanks to the influx of race participants and spectators. This event also brings a spotlight to the Colorado River Indian Tribes (CRIT), fostering cultural and economic interactions. Overall, it's a win-win situation, boosting the local economy and creating a vibrant, communal atmosphere.

Yes! You can park downtown Parker for free, and walk or bike into the Gauntlet Start/Finish line area and watch the race action for no charge. There is no per-person ticket charge like other major off-road race events or popular sporting events.

We need an accurate count of all vehicles to report to the various government agencies, and to monitor the size of the crowds at each spectating location.

Parking and camping revenue is being used to offset the high costs for hosting the event, including parking staff, security staff, barricades and signs, dumpsters, portable bathrooms, and the setup and cleanup of each spectator area. We are required by the BLM and CRIT to have all of these items covered for the race to take place, and this is the only option for making off-road racing in Parker sustainable for the long term.

The Parker 400 takes place on Federal, State, County and CRIT land. All of these entities have granted us permission to hold our event, and the event is private during our closure. We are required by law to ensure the public is safe during the event. Any person who puts themselves, the competitors or other members of the public in harm's way is subject to ticketing, eviction and/or arrest if they fail to comply with the posted signs and direction by our staff or law enforcement. If you wish to spectate the event please follow our rules. If you do not, please direct your recreation activities to other areas for the two days we are operating. This event is of vital economic importance to the Town or Parker and surrounding areas and we appreciate your support!

No. Please call ‭(725) 780-6197‬

We can get help to the persons involved much faster than calling 911!

We will need the approximate mile marker or location of the incident.

We have three simple rules for spectating our races:

  1. Stay 150 feet back from the racecourse at all times.
  2. Never cross the racecourse, for any reason.
  3. Pack out your trash!